Game description:

You probably remember the blue hedgehog Sonic, who has always appeared in the popular series of games for consoles. Many people know this character since childhood, because there was such a cartoon. But Sonic is not the only hero in this universe. In addition to him, there is also Tails the fox. And it is she who the new game is dedicated to, which develops all the familiar stories!

In the company of the brave kid, you have to overcome various obstacles and set a record for collecting bonuses. You will be jumping on platforms, climbing ladders, picking up items normally needed to complete a level. Some items, called power-ups endow Tails with a special power, which usually dries up over time. Thus, you will be able to pick up force field, acceleration, increase in jump height). Collectibles, weapons and powerups are gathered by a simple touch of your mouse or smartphone screen.

Opponents will be numerous and very different. They have a primitive artificial intelligence, trying to get as close to our little fox as possible. Some will be moving in a circular distance or performing repetitive actions, so you will easily be able to dodge them. Contact with the enemy takes away the vitality of the hero or even kills him. The enemy can be neutralized either by jumping on his head, or by using a weapon if you were able to pick up one previously.

Levels of the game abound with secrets (hidden passages in the walls, high or hard-to-reach places), the discovery of which greatly facilitates the gameplay and fuels the player’s interest. At the end of the level, you will be able to see the number of points you were able to score. Striving to increase your score makes the game highly replayable because there is always more to achieve. Start playing Tails.exe online right now and enjoy every moment!