Friday Night Funkin Sonic.Exe Mod

Game description:

Are you waiting for a fresh mod in FNF game? It is already here and invites you to test your strengths in a brand new competition. Who will meet in a music arena this time? It is the boyfriend, of course, and his opponent is Sonic.Exe. You have met this protagonist in the earlier episodes of the game, but now he appears with really frightening appearance and looks a bit hostile. But the main hero is ready for all possible trials to prove to the girlfriend’s father that he deserves his daughter. So does not hesitate a minute and accepts the challenge. Now, his task is to outperform the evil Sonic and return him to his usual friendly state. How can you help the guy? Your role remains the same – you should help him sort out the rhythm of three new songs added to this mod. No mistakes are allowed if you really want the hero win. So listen to unfamiliar tracks, trying to catch every beat and note and press the arrows on the screen to fully match the rhythm. Are you ready to prove again you have the best musical ear? Of course, it will not be easy to take advantage of this strong opponent, but all chances are on your side once you approach this battle seriously. Good luck in this thrilling musical competition!