Sonic.exe vs Baldi’s Basics

Game description:

We know that you have never expected anything like this – a struggle between two creepy characters that will fight each other until one of them dies. This is a mad crossover about two mad characters – Sonic Exe and maniac math teacher named Baldi. If you are fond of creepy games, we bet that you know both. Are you ready to see the fight of the century? It is hard to predict how it will end, so you should try it and see everything with your own eyes. Baldi is already here, holding his killing ruler in his hands. While Sonic is the fastest creature on earth and it is not that easy to predict how the struggle will end. Choose one of the characters and see the collision of the century! Both of them are mad and strange enough, so you will have to invent the way to behave on the arena. Sonic will enter the school of Baldi and he will unavoidably meet him at some point.