The Horror Burger Restaurant

Game description:

Welcome to your new job at The Horror Burger Restaurant, where the night shift promises more than just flipping burgers. Positioned on the outskirts of town, this restaurant becomes your sole responsibility after dark. Here, you will be tasked with grilling patties, managing the deep fryers, and serving up an assortment of drinks to our eager patrons. Our menu is a crowd-pleaser with items like the Happy’s Deluxe, Fantastic Fowl, and Poppin’ Pork sandwiches, alongside fan favorites like fries and salmon nugs. With whispers of new menu items like Happy-Dogs and assorted desserts, your role will continue to evolve.

Manage Orders Under Pressure

The real challenge begins when customers place their orders. Your job is to prepare the food accurately and efficiently, ensuring no order is incorrect or delayed. Any mistake leads to an infraction, and accumulating three infractions invites the wrath of Happy the Humble Heifer, who is not so humble when displeased. Managing the restaurant smoothly is crucial, as Happy’s mood directly impacts the night’s success. So keep your wits about you, stick to the recipes, and whatever you do, don’t upset Happy. Success in this eerie eatery depends on your ability to handle the heat of the kitchen and the chills down your spine.