Kamla Horror Game

Game description:

In the heart of 1980’s India, a newlywed woman named Kamla finds herself possessed by a malevolent spirit, transforming her into a force of terror within the walls of her affluent family’s mansion. As an Indian priest skilled in ancient rituals, players are tasked with navigating the dark corridors of the haunted estate, deciphering clues and collecting necessary items to perform an exorcism. The game blends traditional puzzle-solving with a suspenseful narrative, where every corner turned could lead to a clue or a chilling encounter with the possessed.

Exorcism and Survival

The gameplay focuses on the strategic collection of unique items needed to complete the exorcism ritual. Players must use their wits to solve intricate puzzles that unlock these items, while also managing the threat posed by Kamla’s unpredictable behavior. The mansion, rich with hidden stories and mysteries, provides a sprawling backdrop for this eerie adventure. With limited resources and the constant danger of Kamla’s wrath, players must find safe hiding spots to strategize their next moves, ensuring they keep their collected items safe to ultimately save Kamla and themselves from the encroaching darkness.