Egg Fried Rice

Game description:

Egg Fried Rice immerses players in a late-night adventure where hunger drives the narrative. In the dead of night, with sleep elusive and a growling stomach, players must navigate their surroundings to find something quick and satisfying to eat. The game’s premise is simple yet engaging: the quest for egg fried rice. Whether searching the house or deciding to visit the local takeaway, this short but intense experience combines the urgency of midnight cravings with a sinister atmosphere.

A Late-Night Quest with a Twist

With 10 to 20 minutes of gameplay, Egg Fried Rice offers multiple endings and retro-inspired graphics that evoke the charm of early 3D games. Players will face a tense and eerie environment, heightened by the need to find food. The game features driving sequences, adding an extra layer of complexity and excitement. Customizable visual settings, such as toggling filters and head bob, enhance the experience, while full controller support ensures smooth gameplay. Navigate using WASD for movement, interact with objects using E or left click, and manage your torch and car lights with F. For those moments when your car gets stuck, a quick reset with R will get you back on track.