Completing the Mission

Game description:

The events of The Henry Stickmin Collection gain steam. There is a mysterious Toppat Clan at play that has developed a powerful rocket and wants to launch it from the earth surface secretly from the government. Their plan is to set up their own orbital station that will give them certain control of the space sector. The government is hunting the traitors and wants to prevent this dangerous project. As usual, our friend Henry is right in the middle of things and now it’s up to him how this amazing adventure is going to end. Will you choose to join the Toppat Clan and help them in their rebellious endeavors? Or will you assist the government in catching them and stopping the launch of the rocket? Maybe you want to stay by yourself and do something drastic – for instance, rob the clan’s safe and steal all the valuable items you’ll find there? Depending on your choices, the whole course of the story may vary greatly. Set out on this gripping trip and see what awaits you in the end!