The Henry Stickmin Collection

Game description:

We all love action-packed storyline. We adore unexpected twists and wait for surprises from the developers when it’s impossible to fully predict the course of action. This is what makes online games so exciting. But some studios go further and invite the user to become a kind of co-author of the process. How does this happen? You just have a choice of what to do in a given situation. And depending on it, the further flow of events can take a completely unpredictable turn!

This is exactly what The Henry Stickmin Collection is about. In fact, these are as many as six mini-games, combined into one story – the story of the adventures of a hand-drawn man named Henry. He has a rather varied life, he is constantly brought to the most incredible places, where even more incredible things happen to him. And of course, in such extreme situations it is very difficult to make a choice, especially the right one. But you still have to choose, because without this you will not be able to go further.

When it’s time to make a decision, you will see a pop-up window. There you have to click on the option you want and see what consequences your answer will lead to! The game doesn’t imply any seriousness. You can just click at random and enjoy the spectacle without really thinking about the results. After all, everything that happens does no harm to the main character and can only cause laughter. Well, for those who like to wiggle their brains, there is an opportunity to carefully analyze the scene, compare all the factors and try to make sure that your decision is the best. Addictive gameplay, silly graphics and the ability to determine the future of the character make The Henry Stickmin Collection a great option for fun leisure!