Game description:

Unravel the Mystery

Pou.exe reinvents the classic virtual pet game with a spine-chilling twist. This version takes players into a darker, more mysterious world where the cute and cuddly pet Pou has transformed into something unnervingly different. Players must navigate this new reality, uncovering secrets and solving puzzles to understand what has corrupted their once adorable pet.
The gameplay mechanics of Pou.exe involve more than just caring for a pet. You are tasked with solving eerie puzzles and unraveling the story behind Pou’s transformation. Each interaction with Pou may reveal disturbing clues that hint at a deeper, darker plot.
As players delve deeper into the game, they encounter various challenges that test their courage and puzzle-solving skills. The tasks are designed to be increasingly complex, requiring more than just basic logic to advance. Each completed challenge unlocks parts of the story, offering glimpses into the sinister forces at play.