Game description:

In this brief but gripping horror game, players take on the role of a paranormal investigator exploring the desolate Fervent Campsite. The game begins as the investigator arrives at the site, armed with just their wits and essential tools for interaction. The campsite is littered with abandoned white tents, each harboring clues about the strange events that might have taken place. As players move through the eerie location, they encounter obelisks marked with cryptic symbols, each offering part of the story behind the mysterious happenings.

Unveiling the Secrets

Delving deeper into the campsite, the investigator discovers an unsettling ritual book that appears to connect the symbols on the obelisks to arcane practices. This find is pivotal, turning the exploration into a critical quest to piece together the information and perhaps stop a looming threat. With limited ability to sprint due to stamina constraints, players must strategically navigate the area, ensuring they can explore thoroughly without becoming too vulnerable. This setup provides a tense atmosphere, emphasizing careful planning and quick decision-making throughout the average 10-minute gameplay duration.