Garten Of Banban 6

Game description:

Hold onto your teddy bears and tighten those backpack straps, because we’re diving into the sixth chapter of the mind-blowing game Garten of Banban! Get ready to explore an eerie kindergarten that’s packed to the brim with puzzles, mysteries, and dangers that’ll make your heart race faster than a remote control toy car!

Back to the haunted kindergarten!

Once again, you’ll set foot in this creepy place that has been abandoned for years. But you just can’t get rid of the feeling it’s not that empty after all. As you wander around the hallways and classrooms seeking out clues and looking for useful objects, you’ll have a distinct impression that you’re being watched. And it will soon turn out your instincts haven’t been failing you!

The garden is crawling with evil toys, all waiting for a suitable moment to strike. They were cuddly and cute once, but now they are ruthless monsters eager to kill anyone daring to step into their realm. Will you be able to deal with all the cunning puzzles Garten of Banban 6 has to throw your way or will you fall prey to the corrupted plush beasts? Let’s start playing and find out. Good luck – that’s one of the things you’re gonna need most on your horror adventure!