Garten Of Banban 5

Game description:

Are you ready for the most horrifying detective quest in your life? Then pull your courage together and venture into Garten of Banban 5! Once again, you’re about to walk through all the creepy desolate halls and search the dusty bedrooms in a hope to find any traces of the missing kids. And now you’re going to be in even more danger cause the toys have gone even more evil and there are now some new ones you have to be particularly careful around!

More exploration and more danger!

Your task in the game is to explore the entire facility from top to bottom (yes, there is now also a secret underground level!) and discover all the clues and information you can. It won’t be easy since you’ll have to make your way around some really creepy locations and constantly stay on your guard, even when you’re busy solving another puzzle. They toys are watching!

New puzzles and new toys!

You never know when another toy attack is going to happen. At first, the toys may seem all friendly and cheery. But you shouldn’t’ forget these are just pretenses and there is a bloodthirsty monster hiding behind each of these plush disguises. So don’t lose your guard and prepare for anything when you enter Garten of Banban 5!