Garten of Banban

Game title: Garten of Banban
Game description:

All fans of thrills are invited to a new creepy adventure. It is Garten of Banban! So what is it all about? Events unfold in a kindergarten where all every person mysteriously vanished on day. The place closed down after this tragedy, and nobody ever knew who stood behind it. But now you are going to return here again and try to find out the reason for that strange disappearance. Do not think it will be an easy thing. Get ready to activate your best logical skills!

Try to reach all areas!

The clues are definitely somewhere here – you just need to explore all the areas. Some of them are really hard to reach, and you will have to use a special drone. You can fly it to the most distant corners to check what is going on here. But one nuance will complicate it all – you are not alone here! Some of the kindergarten mascots are ready to meet you! But this encounter does not seem to bring you much fun! Your opponents are not happy to see you here, and will do all in their power to break your plans! How to avoid them and complete your mission? You will have to solve lots of puzzles to find all the clues. This entertainment will come with a great portion of jumscares that horror fans love so much! Enjoy it now!