Garten of Banban Chapter 2

Game description:

Garten of Banban is a free indie game that combines several genres at the same time. Despite the rather childish design, which is manifested both in graphics that are simple for modern games, and in the performance of characters similar to children’s drawings, one of the main genres of this game is horror with survival elements. The character needs to solve a number of different puzzles to get out of the location and avoid the monsters that periodically appear during the passage.

Game features

Experienced players may note that the game is very similar to Poppy Playtime. The player appears in the lobby of the kindergarten. The character needs to find the key to get out of the poorly lit room, from where further adventures begin. The plot is made from the first person. The main character needs to find various objects in order to activate locks and other devices that allow them to find other objects or move further. It requires attention and logical thinking. With a thorough search, especially in hidden and dark places, the player may encounter quite terrible phenomena.


During the game, the character can control additional devices, such as a quadcopter. This makes the gameplay more varied and exciting. In some locations, you have to face bosses from which you can run away or stop them in various ways. Each room has its own puzzles to solve to further progress and complete the story.