Game description:

In Restock, players find themselves in the role of a store employee who has arrived late for the night shift. The game sets a simple yet demanding objective: complete a list of tasks before the manager catches you. The pressure mounts as each task must be finished within a stringent timeframe, and the ultimate goal is to exit the building before repercussions ensue. Rendered in PSX-style graphics, the game creates a nostalgic yet tense atmosphere where each decision and action can either hasten your success or lead to your downfall.

Gameplay Dynamics and Strategy

The core mechanics of Restock revolve around the physical interaction with the game environment and the strategic management of the task list. Players navigate through the store using a combination of basic controls to move, interact with objects, and manage their equipment like flashlights. The additional challenge of speedrunning introduces a competitive element to the game, inviting players to complete their tasks and exit as quickly as possible, with the option to submit their times on This aspect adds a replayable quality to the game, as players strive to optimize each run and climb the speedrunning leaderboards.