Train Depart

Game description:

In Train Depart, players step into the shoes of a 16-year-old boy embarking on his first significant journey alone—a train ride that promises more than just scenic views from the window. As the train snakes its way towards his family waiting abroad, the seemingly mundane trip unfolds into a gripping narrative of suspense and unforeseen encounters. This atmospheric psychological horror game immerses players in a series of events that blur the line between reality and fear, challenging them to navigate through interactions that could lead to salvation or doom. Your choices and actions on this lonely train ride dictate the unfolding of a story where every decision can tip the balance between becoming a hero of your own tale or a tragic figure in a chilling episode.

Navigating Uncertainty and Intrigue

Train Depart offers gameplay that combines the simplicity of routine activities with the complexity of interacting with strangers, each carrying their own unseen baggage. Players can explore the train, engage in games, or partake in the ordinary tasks that fill the hours of a long journey, all while underpinning a sense of foreboding that something more sinister may be at play. The game mechanics are straightforward—WASD to move, LMB to interact, ESC for the chats menu, and Left SHIFT to move a bit faster, adding a layer of accessibility to the immersive experience. This prototype, born from a personal game jam and inspired by episodic psychological horrors like Fears To Fathom, serves as a testbed for what could evolve into a series of gripping, standalone stories that keep players on the edge of their seats. With an average gameplay time of 10-15 minutes, Train Depart is a brief yet potent foray into the unknown, inviting players to question how they would fare on a journey where the next stop could change everything.