Pet Simulator 99

Game description:

You have surely heard of or maybe even played Pet Simulator. In this project, the joy of companionship takes center stage. Here, you adopt and nurture adorable virtual pets, each with its own unique personality and needs. From playful puppies to exotic creatures, embark on a heartwarming journey of care and bonding as you explore, play games, and build a special connection with your virtual furry or feathered friends. Pet Simulator is not just a game; it’s a wonderful experience of love, laughter, and the pure joy of pet ownership in the digital realm.

Try a new update

Pet Simulator 99 is a new update where you can discover new species. You are to put together a new collection of cool personages – 99 new eggs are waiting to be purchased. Participate in mini-games to earn coins, buy eggs and wait for new pets to be born. There is a huge community to interact with. You can exchange experience and even trade your pets with other players. There is a huge world around to explore – take this chance to unlock new features in this vast universe. What is the pet you are going to add to your collection? There are multiple options! Launch the game to find it out – endless fun is promised!