Raft Chapter 2

Game description:

Have you ever played Raft? If you are thrilled with such sort of simulators, you will definitely enjoy playing the second chapter of this riveting survival quest! The point of the game is to collect as many resources as possible and build an advanced vessel. You will be surprised at how many things you can craft here. At first, there will be only basic stuff available to you – like a spear and a grill bar. But as you improve your crafting skills, you can even start making radio equipment! It’s important study every type of material and blueprint found in the water to survive longer.

Occasionally, you will come across other rafts with a fresh load of resources, as well as mini-islands where there will be berries, flowers, trees, palms, coconuts, mangoes, watermelons and many other items that will come in handy. Under the island, you can find ore, copper, iron, and much more that you will need in the future.

The game has several modes. If you want to face all the challenges of harsh survival with the proper Raft atmosphere, choose the “Normal” mode. If you’d rather drop all the challenges and just swim calmly without thinking about the shark, pick the “Quiet” mode. For those who like to build and be creative without having to worry about the primary needs, there is also a “Creative” mode. In the “Simple” mode, you will have to drink and eat much less often, but in the “Hard” mode, you will need a friend to respawn in case of death.

In addition to the single player, Raft Chapter 2 also has multiplayer, because surviving with friends at all times was much more interesting than alone. Now you can show the sharks who is in charge here, by crushing them with a sheer number, as well as more efficiently collecting resources, expanding the vessel faster. Finally, you can rely on your faithful friend and leave them to guard the raft, while diving into the ocean for resources. Just make sure they don’t swim away ditching you helpless! There are many more opportunities and content the new version of Raft is ready to offer. Play the game online and see for yourself!