Raft 2021

Game description:

Alone or in a company of friends, you are welcome to test your survival skills. The oceanic adventure is waiting for you, so get ready to master the waves and deal with underwater predators. The game encourages you to survive in pretty unusual conditions, where gathering and building is more challenging than ever. You are in the middle of the abyss, where the dangerous waters and merciless sun limit your world. Gather pieces of wood and other materials floating around to make your raft larger, build a shelter, and make your construction stronger.
The players don’t have too much instruments to use. In fact, everything you have is a plastic hook in your hands and must use it for all purposes – gathering, fighting, and moving forward. You are trapped on a raft, your stomach is empty, your throat is dry, and you are lonely (or in a team of friends, which makes your journey less dull). However, you can still craft various helpful tools with your hands, visit new places, create useful equipment, and finally find your way home, if you are lucky enough. While it doesn’t seem like the land will appear on the horizon soon, embrace yourself and get ready for an unforgettable and definitely most challenging voyage in your life.