Raft Survival Multiplayer

Game description:

The main character of this game was a passenger of the plane that suddenly crushed in the ocean. Far from all passengers survived, but you are the lucky one. There are more survivors here and you can unite your efforts and do everything possible to stay alive in these tough conditions. Gather pieces of wood, sea garbage, pieces of the crushed plane. Use these things to create yourself a raft and start your journey for luck. The only instrument you have is a plastic hook – it will serve you as a weapon, gathering tool, and everything else. You are in the middle of nowhere – everything you can see is water around you and this is not very inspiring.
The sharks will attack you, so be ready for struggles. But also, you will have a chance to improve your raft, make it larger, and increase your chances to survive for longer. Modernize your small raft and even build a whole house on it – it will save you from sun, wind, and predators. Roaming around the ocean, you will gather various things that might be useful. For example, the boxes usually contain food and instruments, so don’t miss them when they are floating nearby. Improve the skills of you character and become stronger. Also, you can equip him/her with weapons and various elements of “armory”. Track the health, thirst, and hunger levels of your hero. Make sure that you provide him/her with everything needed to stay alive on time or he/she will die pretty fast. The most complicated issues to solve are hunger and thirst, while the sharks will fray your nerves a lot.