Raft Survival

Game description:

When the plane crushed and fell into the ocean, you thought that this is the end. However, you survived and managed to get out of the catastrophe only to get into another challenge. Even though the plane crush and fire didn’t kill you, the merciless waters of an endless ocean filled with sharks will definitely become a new problem to solve. The game is available in two modes – for one player and for a team. You can float around the ocean on your own and try to manage it yourself or call your friends and do your best to survive as a team. Both options are great and engaging, so get in and give them a try!
The first thing to do is building a raft. The pieces of a broken plane will serve as building materials – use them to tailor a raft and make your way around the ocean. The main troubles to solve are hunger, thirst, and sharks. Everything you have in your hands is a hook made of plastic – a weapon and crafting tool that is far from perfect, but you will learn to use it in many different ways. The characters have health, thirst, and hunger bars – they will die when one of the levels drops down critically, so make sure to track them and refill the needs they have. Maybe, one fine day you will see the shores!