Dude Theft Wars

Game description:

What is it like to be a dude? How does it feel? A real dude, the one who doesn’t really care about the social norms and does whatever he wants! This sounds great, so are you ready to try? In the Dude Theft Wars title you will become a dweller of a very special city – only the coolest guys life here. The best thing is that the city doesn’t have any rules and restrictions, so you can do anything. In addition, the absence of restrictions is flavored with a great deal of cool opportunities in a sand-box universe of the game. This means that you can go wherever you want, take anything you need, kill someone, stab someone, steal money, make tricks and jokes, etc. Turn your fantasy own and find out which is the best way of being a dude – is it being a gangster with a gun in your pocket or a lazybones lying on your armchair and watching cartoons all day long? Become anti-social and get some rest from boring and pressing norms in this game! Find your best way of being a dude.