Ice Scream 7

Game description:

This game series started in a very innocent way. The plot tells the players about a friendly guy Rod who drives around the town in his van and delivers ice cream. But suddenly, children started to disappear. And the friends of the first vanished guy saw him last when he was entering that mysterious van. They start to suspect something fishy about the ice maker. But their powers are not equal. And step by step, the terrible villain manages to kidnap four friends and imprison them in his gloomy factory. And his intentions are very far from being good – he plans to freeze all children to death.

Now they need to invent some plan to escape from this terrible place. But the adventures only begin! The problem is the boys are not alone here. Rod, the evil ice-maker, has a lot of assistants in the factory. And all of them are guarding the territory really carefully and once they see a runner, they will attack him without hesitation. The only solution to escape is to skillfully move through the location and hide whenever a villain is noticed on your way. To successfully move on, you must constantly solve difficult puzzles. The walkthrough is extremely difficult, and it is not a joke. If any character is caught by scary Rod, he will have no chance to survive. In the last part of this horror series, the developer allowed users to switch between the characters and play for different heroes in turn. You will have to be smart enough to explore everything around to free up other friends and find an exit if this dreadful place. But on the other hand, there are more traps and antagonists now, and only the most courageous players will be able to create and realize a survival plan without being spotted and caught. You should be more than careful if you want to avoid a bad ending as there are several of them according to the plot.