Ice Scream Horror

Game description:

You don’t know where the real trouble and hellish evil can meet you. This day was just a regular one – nothing seemed to be really suspicious or dangerous. You and your pall Charlie met in a park to play together. You were enjoying the summer day, so warm and nice, playing boyish games, and doing all that funny stuff you usually day. At some point, you realized that there is only one thing in this world that can make your amazing day even more amazing – a portion of cold and sweet ice cream. Lucky you are – an ice cream van is in town right now, and you hear the music it makes, so you run to find it. And here you go – the smiling and friendly seller offers you the best tastes ever. He is so nice and kind to you. But at some moment, you look away and when you turn your head back, you see a horrible picture. The “friendly” ice cream guy is grabbing your friend, freezes him with some strange super-ability, and takes him inside of the van.
The strange situation happens in a couple of seconds and when you realize what has happened, they are already gone. What is that? Is he going to kill Charlie? You are extremely scared, but there is no choice, so you decide that this case needs investigation and your fellow needs to be saved. You enter the car and the horrible adventure begins. The seller will follow you and you will have to do your best and hide before he captures you. When you walk and your steps make sounds, he can hear you and he will rush after you if you behave too noisy. To save Charlie, you will solve different puzzles and try not to make mistakes – this might cost you your life.