Ice Scream 5

Game description:

You thought that there is nothing more frightening than a nice ice cream seller that turns into a monster trying to catch you and freeze you to death? Well, what if we tell you that he has a friend – a clown, who is no less violent than Rod? And how about meeting both of them at the same time? That’s a pretty challenging adventure to take part in. The game combines the elements of a horror, survival, puzzle-solving, and shooting. As the main character, who seems to be angry and annoyed by horrible deeds of Rod, is going to deal with him toughly now. There are numerous vans all over the city and some of them are colored as the ice cream cars, while the others belong to the circus for sure. This means that you are going to deal with more than one horrible guy this time…
And yes, one of the worst horrors of all children, a violent clown, steps on the stage. Are you ready to meet him? Together with Rod, they will terrorize the city and kidnap local kids, which is something you cannot allow. Some of them live next door, the others are your classmates! Even though you don’t know all of these victims, you cannot stand watching them being locked in large cages! Help poor children and deal with both monsters like a boss.