Ice Scream 4

Game description:

Do you remember Rod? He is an ice cream seller that have visited your town before. You got into a real trouble after meeting him. After you and your buddy wanted to get some ice cream from him, Rod kidnapped your buddy and you decided to save him. Being courageous and smart, you did your best to solve numerous puzzles and find your friend. However, after completing your complicated mission, you were wrong to think that everything was over. It’s not! You will meet Rod once again in tis forth part of Ice Cream horror. Are you ready for another freezing adventure? Then here you go.
Get a revenge – finally!
Unlike the previous parts, this one is packed with action and struggles. You will have a bazooka in your hands and finally you can kick Rod’s nasty ass! That’s a great chance for a revenge, don’t miss it. So you have an electrical cannon and you are welcome to shoot your enemy to make him fall unconscious. This time, he will chase you around the town and the game events are not limited to his small van. You are going to stand against this evil guy, running around different locations, so try not to get caught by him. Solve puzzles and try to find the best way to defeat your enemy – once and forever! Will you handle such a complicated and creepy mission? Do your best!
One of the best horrors ever available for all ages
The best fact about Ice Cream horror series is that these games are really frightening and creepy, but the developers are not going to creep you with monsters and blood. No, here you are going to get freezes down your spine because of the idea the game presents – every ice cream seller and a smiling guy can potentially be a horrible maniac that will kidnap you and try to kill you! That’s a blood chilling plot, right?