Ice Scream 6 Friends

Game description:

Welcome to the sixth part of the engaging horror game. The main characters will go through new exciting adventures in the factory of the evil ice cream maker. In the previous chapter, Jay could arrange Mike’s escape from the engine room. But the other guys were hidden by Rod somewhere around. And now, they need to continue their rescue operation, find the place where the villain keeps two more friends and free them up. In this episode, you can easily switch between two heroes –Charlie and Jay. It will allow you to explore different locations depending on the character you choose. It will be easier now to develop a plan together. But this time, things become even more dangerous as you will meet new enemies.

One of them is a superbot that is located in the kitchen. Charlie will find it extremely hard to stay face to face with this terrible monster. And also, you will face Mini-Rods – these creatures will try to stop you and immediately report to Rod if they spot you. You need to move around really inconspicuously, without attracting your opponents’ attention. If the ice cream maker finds you, you will be imprisoned in one of the fridges forever. To move forward, you will have to solve numerous puzzles. Each correctly completed task will bring you closer to the exit. Furthermore, you will have to participate in the special mini game and win it. Do all in your power not to fail this responsible mission. But still you need to know, that you will be punished in case of mistakes or poor performance. There can be four bad endings according to the plot. But it is better for you not to think about these. If you manage to do everything correctly, you may finally get out of this terrible place and forget this nightmare forever. Only you can stop this scary ice maker and his factory!