Game description:

Dive into the eerie and unpredictable world of Zoonomaly, a game that blends horror elements with the thrill of puzzle-solving in an open-world zoo setting. This adventure doesn’t follow a straight path; instead, it throws you into a once-peaceful zoo now overrun with monstrous anomalies. Your mission? Navigate through the sprawling grounds, delve into the secrets of each animal enclosure, and piece together the puzzle shards that hold the key to unravelling the mystery behind the zoo’s dark transformation. As you embark on this daunting task, you’ll discover that Zoonomaly is more than just a game—it’s a test of wit, courage, and the will to survive against all odds.

Navigate the Nightmarish Zoo

In Zoonomaly, your survival hinges on your ability to outsmart the zoo’s new monstrous inhabitants. With no option to fight, your only choice is to dodge these terrifying creatures and use your wits to advance. Equipped with the Bloom O’Bang, a unique tool that not only fends off these creatures but also reveals the invisible dangers lurking around, you’re set on a tense journey of discovery. Each animal enclosure hides a puzzle that brings you closer to assembling the master key, unlocking the truth behind the anomaly. Will you dare to uncover the zoo’s secrets and restore peace, or will the zoo’s nightmarish residents claim another victim? Step into the world of Zoonomaly and find out.