Game description:

In Jollibee’s, players navigate the unsettling nights at the renowned Filipino fast-food chain, where the animatronics harbor secrets from a troubled past. This installment picks up after the dark events that led to the shutdown of Jolly’s Fantasy World, setting a grim scene for the player’s night shift.

Surviving the Night

Taking the role of night-shift worker Justin Smith, players must outsmart the animatronics that wander with eerie intentions. The challenge escalates as each character exhibits distinct behaviors that threaten safety. Utilizing cameras, light manipulation, and ventilation controls becomes crucial to survival, with strategies needing adaptation to the unpredictable movements of the animatronics.

Unraveling the Darkness

As the nights progress, players encounter tasks that probe deeper into the restaurant’s mysteries, blending survival with investigation. These tasks not only test the player’s resolve but also peel back layers of the story, revealing connections to the old tragedies of Jollibee’s. The blend of strategy, horror, and narrative offers a compact yet rich gaming experience, inviting players to uncover the truth behind the animatronics’ midnight antics.