Game description:

Supernormal stands as a groundbreaking entry in the realm of horror gaming, meticulously crafted as the spiritual successor to the renowned Allison Road. The game, a product of two years of solo development, represents a profound homage to its predecessor, reimagined for both modern and next-generation gaming platforms. It embodies the commitment and soul of its creator, offering an experience rich in suspense and atmosphere. As a player in Supernormal, you step into the role of a detective whose acumen is central to the unfolding narrative. The game’s storyline is fluid, branching into different endings based on your investigative prowess and attention to detail. This approach immerses you in a world where your choices and observations directly shape the course of events.

One of the game’s distinctive features is its voice recognition functionality, allowing for interactive communication with ghostly entities via a microphone. These interactions can be double-edged swords, offering valuable insights or leading you astray amidst the eerie gameplay. The game also incorporates a unique microphone detection system. This system adds a layer of stealth and suspense, requiring you to stay silent and motionless if a spectral presence detects you. Such moments are fraught with tension, as any sound or movement could drastically influence the game’s trajectory.

Visually, Supernormal leverages the power of Unreal Engine 5, creating an environment of chilling photorealism. This graphic excellence enhances the horror elements, making the game’s setting all the more immersive and terrifying.