Game description:

What does it take to become a detective? First, a certain mindset. You must be attentive and persistent, notice small details and analyze everything that concerns the case. Secondly, patience, because the investigation can drag on for a very long time. But even if it seems that there is no hope of finding the culprit, you must still continue to the end and collect more and more evidence believing that this will lead you to an answer. By the way, about the evidence. Now you don’t have to waste time studying the crime scene. After all, there is the Internet!

Scrutinized is a game about a young female detective who investigates various cases and finds the culprit using an ordinary computer. And it is not surprising, because she knows how to benefit all databases and can even hack the user’s page! Study the case materials and identify the suspects. You have to verify their identities, and for this you have to shovel a mountain of information. Go to the Internet and start searching.

Check out everything on these people online. You have to find out exactly where they were and what they did during the time when the crime occurred in order to confirm their alibis – or add them to the list of possible criminals. For each of them, you should collect a whole dossier. And don’t forget to check the old records from the police station – perhaps one of them has already been involved in similar cases, and this increases the chances that the perpetrator is the very man you’re looking at! There are many fascinating missions waiting for you in this wonderful game. Solve all the cases and make the city cleaner and calmer. The locals will no longer be afraid to go out and will be grateful for your work!