Game description:

Unveiling the Mystery of Zoochosis

On the very first night shift as a zookeeper in Zoochosis, players are thrust into an unexpected crisis. The tranquil job of caring for animals quickly turns into a desperate effort to manage a mutating menagerie. Tasked with the well-being of these creatures, players navigate through a series of tasks and challenges that go far beyond the routine feeding and cleaning. As the night progresses, it becomes apparent that a mysterious infection is transforming the zoo’s inhabitants into something unrecognizable. The game intricately weaves the responsibilities of animal care with the urgency of solving the puzzle behind this sudden change, offering a gameplay experience that is as thought-provoking as it is engaging.

Choices That Shape Your Destiny

At the heart of Zoochosis lies a critical decision-making process that significantly affects the game’s direction and outcomes. Faced with the dilemma of which animals to save and how to best utilize limited resources, players must act swiftly to find a cure for the infection spreading through the zoo. The journey to discover the root cause and formulate a vaccine is fraught with challenges, each decision echoing through the narrative to result in diverse endings. This intricate web of choices ensures that players remain at the edge of their seats, fully invested in the fate of their zoo. Will the night end in triumph or tragedy? In Zoochosis, the power to decide rests in the hands of the player, making every playthrough a unique exploration of consequence and redemption.