The Baby in Yellow

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Kids are beautiful – they are so cute, funny, and nice. Innocent and pure, these creatures are absolutely adorable. This is the reason why you have chosen a profession of a nanny – you really like spending time with babies and taking care of them. Of course, children vary and some of them are more naughty and uncontrollable than the others. However, one day, you meet the child that more than just “problematic”. He is not hyper-active or disobedient. He is just strange. You start suspecting that he is not a human being at all! Something dark, ancient, and blood-chilling is inside of his mind and soul. He is looking at you, giving you shivers and chills, while you have no idea why. After all, he is just a kid! What can a kid do? Or… is he something else that only looks like a kid?
The game is mysterious and has an absolutely unique atmosphere. On the one hand, there is just a small baby in the room and you are nanny who should take care of him. Like any other kid, he wants to drink some milk, play with toys, and get some nap when he is tired. However, in addition to all of these habitual things, there is something else you can see in him. You will notice that the child can disappear all of a sudden. He was here, in front of you, and now he is gone. Just a second and he is not here. Well, how could a small baby that cannot even walk on his feet disappear like that? Also, you are absolutely assured that you have closed the door when he fell asleep. Then you left the room and in a minute you see that the door is open. How could that happen? Maybe, this was just the wind. Or maybe not.
When playing, you will gradually immerse into the atmosphere of horror where the regular kid opens up his true identity of real evil. He will start doing strange things and you will definitely feel like you want to leave this hellish house. Try to find out more about the creature you are doomed to deal with and get ready for everything. You are with the Baby in Yellow.