The Karaoke

Game description:

Are you looking for a new horror plot that will make you shiver with fear? Then welcome to The Karaoke, a short but scary adventure that will take you through lots of thrills and jumpscares. You play for Mira, a student of a high school. The girl invites her friend to visit a local karaoke bar after a long and exhausting day. But this plan will soon turn into a dangerous survival. Join the friends to see whether you will be able to help them in a critical situation!

Will you remain alive?

The atmosphere will immediately let you understand that danger is just behind the corner. At some moment, one of the girls needs to return to the school as she believes she lost her keys there. The other one will still proceed to the karaoke parlor. But soon, both of them get in trouble! Will they survive? It all now in the player’s hands. The game authors added six potential outcomes to this story. Will your ending be positive for all? Start playing now to see whether you can make logical decisions and let the girls remain alive. Be ready to be really scared to death at particular moments!