Game title: GTA V
Game description:

It seemed GTA can’t get any better. But Rockstar proved it wrong by releasing GTA V! This game has an even bigger world, more interactive opportunities, a whole slew of new exciting missions and, most importantly, it splits the storyline into three heroes. And you can play as all of them, sometimes at once!

With the introduction of several main characters, the was a place for a new gaming mechanic – namely, joint robberies. You are set goals and given two options – frontal and cunning. Burst into a jewelry store, rattling machine guns, or first knock out the guards and staff by throwing a gas grenade into the ventilation? Both paths are equivalent. Much more important is who you do business with. Burnt-out criminals will definitely not let you down, but they also demand a lot – 10-15% of the amount. You can take a newbie, but then expect surprises.

Of course, you need to prepare for a sortie first – as a rule, hijack a suitable vehicle, get weapons or special suits. There are absolutely trifling things, although sometimes the hunt for some kind of cargo helicopter turns into a real epic. It is also sometimes asked to find a secluded place and park the car there for a retreat. In other words, you have to get ready just like in real life!

The hassle seems to be a lot, but on the whole the game has become easier, and the point is not only in the amazingly durable technology, convenient control (minus, as always, helicopters) and quick saves. So, after three failures here you are allowed to jump to the next checkpoint in the mission. The guardians of order behave differently – they have cones of vision. If the enemy didn’t have time to spot you or, on the contrary, lost sight of you, it’s time to leave the car, hide behind a garbage can and sit out the raid. But on the roads, the police are much more aggressive than in the previous parts.

The world of GTA V is a living and breathing thing. Even by simply walking in the street, you can see lots of interesting stuff and also participate in it. Start enjoying this amazing game right now, make your way through all of the vibrant locations and try to pass every mission as you move through the plot that may end rather unexpectedly!