April 24th

Game description:

April 24th demo invites players into a gripping narrative of psychological horror, experienced through the first-person perspective with a distinctive VHS visual effect. As an experienced journalist, players are thrust into an unsettling investigation of a heavily guarded house where a harrowing event occurred. The game sets itself apart with a focus on exploration and atmospheric tension, creating a setting that both captivates and horrifies. Throughout the brief yet intense 10-minute demo, players begin to piece together the eerie circumstances surrounding the night of April 24th through found footage and subtle environmental clues.

A Haunting Search for Truth

Within the confines of the mysterious house, the protagonist discovers several VHS tapes that provide fragmented glimpses into the events of that fateful night. As the tapes play, a chilling realization dawns—the feeling of being constantly watched. The game masterfully uses the VHS effect to enhance the unsettling atmosphere, making every frame and sound a nerve-wracking experience. The immersive gameplay mechanics are designed to draw players deeper into the mystery, with each viewing of the tapes bringing unforeseen consequences and pushing the boundaries of reality.

Experience the Terror of VHS

The demo serves as a prelude to the full 40-minute game, setting the stage for a deeper exploration into the nightmarish events. With its walking simulator genre, the game focuses on atmospheric build-up rather than fast-paced action, emphasizing exploration and interaction with the environment. Players are invited to immerse themselves in a meticulously crafted world where the past is alive, and the truth is as elusive as it is frightening.