The Karaoke Horror

Game description:

Karaoke bars are always associated with lots of fun and joy. But in this online game, you will find out something really terrible about these entertaining clubs. So how did it all start? The story begins when Mira, a high school student, takes her friend Moeka to go together to a local karaoke bar. The place does not close for the night. However, Moeka has left her keys at school and needs to go back there to collect these. She is supposed to return soon, but you will receive a strange text message!

What will be your ending?

You have a strange suspicion that your friend is in danger! So now you need to decide on your further actions. Actually, the development of the story now entirely depends on your choices. But you will also find out that it is not safe for you in the karaoke bar either. You and your friend will be chased by evil opponents. Will you manage to survive? The developers have prepared six different endings for you to enjoy. But they all have one thing in common – you will have to go through a lot of dangers and thrills. Are you ready for this challenge? Then it is time to get started!