Roblox Need More Heat

Game description:

Roblox Need More Heat introduces a gameplay experience where players must creatively outwit an in-game father NPC to avoid going to school. Set within a detailed Roblox world, players embark on a mission to convincingly simulate illness by manipulating their environment and interactions. The game is unique for its varied endings, offering five distinct outcomes, including two favorable or ‘Good’ endings, alongside others categorized as Bad, Insanity, and Fatal.

Players start their adventure by waking up in their avatar’s bedroom and choosing a temperature unit as the game’s initial task. The primary objective revolves around faking sickness to skip school, requiring players to engage in increasingly elaborate and chaotic activities to raise their avatar’s temperature. This involves a series of inventive tasks within the household, each designed to convince the father NPC of the player’s feigned illness.

The path to achieving one of the Good Endings is filled with a mix of mundane and extraordinary tasks. These range from everyday actions like turning on household lights and appliances to increase the temperature, to more extreme measures like setting various objects on fire. As players progress, they must continually interact with the father NPC, whose skepticism drives the need for more drastic actions. This includes dramatic turns such as summoning supernatural elements, engaging with a dragon, and even manipulating celestial bodies. Each step is designed to escalate the situation further, culminating in an intense and fiery sequence of events.