Roblox Field Trip Z

Game description:

Games about zombies can be bloody and scary. But not this one! Here you will be shooting down hungry monsters in the jolly pixel style of Roblox. Everyone here, including players and zombies, are made of cubes and don’t look creepy even in the slightest! That doesn’t make fighting your way through a crowd of roaring mutants ever less difficult, though. This gripping shooter is a real test of your reflexes and survival skills! Will you be able to stay alive on this dangerous location crawling with wicked creatures that dream of sinking their teeth into your flesh? Will you manage to do it with the highest score among all the participants? You won’t find out until you start playing!

The rules are simple: pick a gun, load it and set out to shower the walking dead with bullets. The more zombies you kill the more points you will get. Make sure they don’t harm you in the process and if your health is damaged, look for first aid kits. It will make sense to peep into buildings and search the backyards for various loot. You can find quite a number of cool weapons and equipment that will give you an advantage over your enemies. But most importantly, it’s simply fun and exciting! Enjoy your fascinating zombie adventure and make sure you return from this road trip safely!