Roblox Royale High School

Game description:

In real life, school is a boring and tedious place. All those lessons, home assignments and teachers just drive you nuts and you can’t wait for the bell to ring to finally go home. But not in Royale High! Founded just recently on Roblox platform, it can now be considered a must-visit for all Roblox students. Everything is like in real school, only much more fun! You can choose the outfit of your character and customize the smallest details of their appearance free of charge, find friends, chat in real time and hang out with your classmates. Attending lessons and doing homework will not only affect your grades, but also bring you gems that you can spend to purchase useful items. Extracurricular activities are also present. For instance, after classes you can go to the dance and try to become the homecoming king or queen. This is also a place where you can get extra gems, free items and stuff your virtual stomach with all kinds of food. Studying in Royale High is exciting and rewarding! Forget about falling asleep in the classroom and getting into detention for bad grades. This is your chance to plunge into school time nostalgia with all its perks and without any of its drawbacks! Are you ready for your first day at Royale High?