Roblox Need More Cold

Game description:

In the game Roblox Need More Cold, players find themselves in an intriguing scenario set on a Friday morning, with an exciting school event on the horizon. Ariana Grande is performing at school, and you, as the player, are eager to attend. There’s just one catch – you’re running a fever and feeling quite unwell. The game revolves around the challenge of convincing your strict and somewhat peculiar mother that you’re not sick and should be allowed to go to school. It’s a game of persuasion and clever tactics, as you navigate through various tasks and dialogues, trying to prove that you’re well enough to attend the concert.

However, convincing your mother is no easy task. She’s not one to let you off the hook so easily, leading to a series of challenges where you must work to lower your temperature and show that you’re fit for school. The game’s tagline, You Need More Cold, encapsulates the central challenge – finding ways to cool down and present yourself as fever-free. This game owes its inspiration to MaxXD_22’s creation, Need More Heat, which pioneered this style of linear gameplay and endings. Without Need More Heat, Roblox Need More Cold wouldn’t exist, making it a spiritual successor of sorts. Additionally, players are invited to try out the creator’s other game, Going to School at 3 AM, which is available on their profile. This game, along with others like Buying Food to Feed the Cat, Going Poop at 3 AM, Getting Divorced at 3 AM, Drinking at 3 AM, and Snacking at 4 AM, are inspired by the works of Jimmalonia, offering a variety of quirky and fun scenarios to explore.