Roblox Murder Mystery 2

Game description:

If you want to train your brains through some entertaining activity, try Roblox Murder Mystery 2. You will be able to choose one of the following three characters – innocent, sheriff or criminal. If you happen to play the first two roles – your task is to destroy the terrorist. For this, you will need to have brilliant detective skills to find out who is to be blamed for a murder. Innocent does not have any weapon, only a sheriff has it. And if you are a murderer, you will have to kill everyone around. But at the same time, everyone will be hunting you, and it is vital not to get shot by a sheriff. The main zest of the game is that you play against real people. And all roles are distributed before the game actually starts. So you do not know who is a murderer here. All players have to be very attentive and avoid mistakes as it will only help the culprit. All locations are made as premises with lots of room to make the process even more complicated. It allows the criminal to act unexpectedly and attack the victim without anyone noticing it. This map structure enables other characters to hide if there are no other chances of winning. This game is perfect for a company of three and more players.