Game description:

Everyone loves cute little Pokemons. At least the kids who grew up on this cartoon a couple of decades ago. We immediately fell in love with these cute anime creatures that look like innocent animals but are actually real fighters. As you know, each Pokemon has its own characteristics, abilities and fighting style. And he can always be recognized among others, if not by color and appearance, then by the characteristic movements that he makes during the battle. How well do you know how different Pokemons behave when they go into battle? Let’s check it out by playing Quardle!

Guess the Pokemon and complete the level!

So, you will see several Pokemons on the screen. Of these, you need to choose exactly the one that suits this particular movement. The closer you get to the correct answer, the more Pokemons will be crossed off the board so as not to confuse you. Levels will constantly become more difficult, and there will be more Pokemons. And if at first only a few seconds will be enough for you to cope with the task, then it may take several attempts later. The game is very exciting and interesting, especially if you are one of the fans of this cartoon! You will definitely be delighted with the charming Pokemons and you will be able to admire them to your heart’s content, meeting many of them on the screen of your smartphone or computer. Start playing Quardle right now and get nostalgic with Pokemons!