Roblox Doors the Backdoor

Game description:

In Roblox Doors, The Backdoor sub-floor, launched as part of The Hunt: First Edition event in 2024, presents a thrilling escape challenge that remains as a permanent, albeit more demanding, fixture in the game post-event. Players gain entry to this sub-floor via elevators located in a corridor that was previously off-limits, signaling the start of a unique and intense escapade. The Backdoor differentiates itself with a timed escape mechanism, adding a layer of pressure and excitement to the gameplay.

Exploring The Backdoor’s Secrets in Roblox Doors

Upon entering The Backdoor, players are greeted with a countdown, initiating their escape from room -50 to room -01. The experience is a frantic race against time, where each room navigated brings players closer to their final escape, and each lever found extends their dwindling time. The Backdoor is fraught with dangers and opportunities, hosting new entities and offering items like Starlights and gold, crucial for navigating the challenges and unlocking further progress. The climax of this sub-floor adventure is the strategic use of these items and the successful management of time, culminating in a grand escape that not only bestows players with an achievement but also seamlessly integrates them back into the broader narrative of the Hotel, equipped with the resources and insights gained from their Backdoor experience.