People Playground: Ragdoll Sandbox Game

Game description:

It’s time to get a break from the hustle and bustle in this project! Put your thoughts in order without burdening your brain with entangled plots, and just let your emotions out.

This project invites you to let loose your imagination and explore a vast arsenal of weapons, transforming mundane mannequins into victims of your inventive experiments. In this world, sharp objects aren’t just for cutting, but for intriguing interactions. Test the physics with swords and spears, all while witnessing the unpredictable reactions of your soft-bodied targets!

Tools for tortures

In this playground, conductivity takes on a new meaning. Discover the power of electricity by experimenting with items that conduct it. From humans to various objects, electrical charges enhance your interactions, turning seemingly ordinary items into powerful tools of mischief! Witness the captivating effects as charged elements wreak havoc, adding an electrifying touch to your gameplay.

Some things are destined to burn, and in People Playground, the spectacle of combustion is at your disposal! Wood, rubber, plastic, and even humans succumb to the mesmerizing effect of flames. Set your creations ablaze and observe as they slowly turn black, engulfed in the fiery embrace. Experiment with different materials and enjoy the visually stunning and surprisingly realistic fire effects!

Is that all there is to it, you ask? Of course not! You have never seen such a gigantic arsenal of weapons that covers all kinds of interaction and torture!