Melon Playground

Game description:

Wanna kick and hurt somebody and get away with it? This is possible in Melon Playground! The whole game is a huge polygon where you can test various kinds of weapons on a ragdoll. The game is rather violent, so you will want to keep children off the screen!

The whole point is to destroy the main character as subtly as possible. The damage inflicted on the doll is reflected on the body in the form of abrasions, bruises, cuts, burns and other things, however, with inaction, the damage heals quickly. Wounds are paid for with in-game money, which will be required to purchase new instruments of torture, change locations and wardrobe items of the protagonist. For ingots, the player will have access to special items for the spectacular elimination of Buddy.

The process of the player is associated with the completion of game tasks, for which a reward is issued in the form of experience to increase the level. A new level is accompanied by the receipt of certain monetary and item bonuses. The tasks are almost identical – the main task is to use specific types of torture on the doll.

To make it more interesting to play, turn on your imagination! Observe the damage done to the character, a well-drawn picture of Melon Playground allows you to see all the details. Take a few test subjects and give each one an object. A massive battle will add dynamics and captivate you for a couple of hours!