People Playground

Game description:

People Playground is the most unusual simulator you have ever tried! You will find yourself in a large open world where you will experiment with all possible ways of destruction. You will have to defeat all the opponents that you meet. And there are no restrictions as to how you are going to do it. Players will enjoy full freedom of action. But note that your antagonists will not wait for you to kill them – they will attack in response! So do not waste time – tear the enemies into small pieces, punch them with sharp objects, throw bombs to explode them and even burn them! For this purpose, you will need to collect a powerful arsenal of weapons. You will be impressed by the opportunities offered in the menu – throw your adversaries in the ocean or the abyss, kill them in a car accident and organize other thrilling disasters! When it comes to a confrontation – all you need is your creativity. Sometimes, the gameplay is really cruel but it is only online entertainment. Enjoy it!