Mr. Hopp’s Manor Escape

Game description:

Generally toys are associated with something cute and nice. But that’s not the case! In this game you’ll have to confront the dark side of the sweet plush creatures that will haunt you down trying to kill you. The murderous bunch of toys is led by Mr. Hopps, a friendly-looking bunny who is nevertheless a horrible monster. He is helped by two other characters, Mr. Stripes and Miss Bo. You will be playing as a small girl who was locked in a house terrorized by these creepy beings. Now she needs to find a way to escape it or her little life before it really started!

Your task in this game is to walk around the rooms and look for objects that can be used for achieving your goal. The toys will interfere with your attempts in every possible way. You have to watch out and avoid them approaching you or you will have to spend most of the gameplay on the run. When a toy that turns into a giant monster is chasing you, it’s also important not to drop any of the items you’re carrying in your hands. Your horror adventure is about to start, are you ready to face this challenge and save your life that is hanging by a very thin thread? Then walk into this terrible house and hope to survive!