Mr. Hopps Playhouse 3

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The adventures of Ruby and Mr. Hopps have attracted thousands of players worldwide. Every fan is waiting for continuation of the story. And here you are – Mr. Hopps Playhouse 3 invites you to get a new portion of fun!

Guide Ruby through all obstacles!

This time, the girl is lost in Blacklands Manor. Help the heroine find a way out. Note, you will have to complete tons of quests to find the right doors. Besides, you will meet a lot of antagonists that will try to scare you to death. These used to be friendly plush toys, but now they have turned into evil monsters. Help Ruby find out where terrible Mr. Hopps has disappeared and find the way home. But once she is back to her house, a scary rabbit is here too. What awaits the hero now? Play the game to learn the ending of the story. Get ready to go through lots of thrills and jumpscares.