Hide Time

Game description:

Some places are not occasionally locked and abandoned. And in most cases, it is better to let them remain like that. However, in this story, everything was made wrong! You play for the character who once was asked to explore the old toys store. The hero agrees with no doubts, but he does not know yet how reckless his decision is. So, welcome to Shining Toys, a big store that does sell funny toys any longer. What could have happened here?

Are you really alone here?

At first glance, it seems a live soul did not step inside this place for ages – it is completely dark. You will need to use a flashlight to move around. The location is huge, and you will need to follow strange instructions to progress. You will see chaos inside the store. But, at the same time, you will have a feeling that you are not alone here. Soon, you will understand your intuition has not let you down – the place is full of live monsters! And these creatures used to be friendly toys in the past! Now, you will have to go through lots of difficult puzzles and find various objects if you want to remain alive. If you have enjoyed the horror story about the abandoned toy factory, you will surely adore this new nerve-wracking adventure.